Automation as component to reduce testing costs

The measuring machines can be connected with the manufacturing machines. Thus, it is possible to autonomously adjust variant tolerances of the production. The protection of workpiece quality, which is now free of failure, ensures a more reliable production.

The vision pronounces a flexible, automated and connected machine in the production. Mahr deliv-ers the right answer for quality assurance: The shaft measuring system Marshaft Scope 750 plus, which measures camshafts, including a workpiece loading by a robot shows how measuring looks like within a production line.

  • Robotic loading and unloading, integration of the measuring machine in the production line

Mahr shows with its measuring station Marsurf CNC modular flexible and connected measuring of various work pieces: Automatic part recognition, part marking and robot handling are new possibilities of measuring technology todays and future production systems. (See video)


Organizational Integration:

  • Controlling and capacity management of the measuring technology by ERP/PPS systems
  • Measuring program administration through ERP systems (Unambiguity of measuring programs is relevant for quality!)