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Production descriptionNitrile gloves are disposable gloves produced with carboxyl nitrile latex (butadiene nitrile latex) as the main raw material. The application fields of nitrile gloves are mainly

Production description

Nitrile gloves are disposable gloves produced with carboxyl nitrile latex (butadiene nitrile latex) as the main raw material. The application fields of nitrile gloves are mainly electronic industry, packaging industry, or hospital outpatient service. Butadiene is one of the raw materials of nitrile latex, so nitrile latex can also be called butadiene nitrile latex, carboxyl nitrile latex is a type of nitrile latex because contain carboxyl group, it is called carboxyl nitrile latex, the glove is made with carboxyl nitrile latex. Carboxyl nitrile latex is a synthetic processing, oil derivatives, nitrile latex solid content is 42% commonly - 45%, through to the vulcanizing tank, the diaphragm pump production line using the nitrile latex add the zinc oxide, accelerator, water chemical additives such as nitrile latex diluted to 25%, the stir in water-soluble paste toning in the vulcanizing tank after 3 hours,  then still 24-48 hours for the raw material natural chemical reactions, still period can be in the vulcanizing tank or transported to the parking spot, the vulcanized raw materials are transported to the production line trough through a diaphragm pump (electric diaphragm pump or pneumatic diaphragm pump).

About Nitrile/latex glove production line

  1. The production line is non-standard customized equipment, which can be customized according to the length, width, and height of the customer's workshop. The production line is divided into the single mold and double mold. The advantage of a single hand is more convenient to replace the hand mold, and the advantage of a dual mold is high output.

  2. latex/nitrile gloves production line can produce latex and nitrile gloves. When producing powder free gloves, nitrile gloves are chlorinated, while latex gloves can only be coated with PU coating. However, the effect of both powder free gloves is the same, which can prevent adhesion and make wearing smooth.

  3. If there are powder gloves, add talc powder or calcium carbonate and modified starch into the starch tank. If there are no powder gloves, add hot water.

  4. It is recommended to clean the glue tank of the production line once every half a month. There will be condensate in the glue tank for a long time

Brief description of the process flow of the production line


  1. The length of the workshop is suggested to be at least 10 meters longer than the production line, the width of a production line is suggested to be at least 15-20 meters, and the height is 1.5 meters higher than the production line.

  2. The quotation of equipment provides the whole site plan. The customer only needs to supply water, electricity and energy (natural gas, coal, diesel, etc.) to the plant.

  3. Aout wastewater: production line produced by wastewater accounts for about two-thirds of the total water consumption. There are several kinds of wastewater treatment:can look for local environmental protection company to provide water treatment equipment, some manufacturer to dig several reservoirs, respectively: the neutralization (add the corresponding chemical materials and chemical residues in wastewater), deepen (adding chemical additives, depth of processing wastewater), precipitation (the wastewater of chemical residues natural precipitation), drainage (tank water and chemical wastewater after stratification, the upper water direct emissions)

 The attention of production line

  1. Maintenance work of production line mainly includes hand mold replacement, lubricating oil of chain slide, brush replacement, valve maintenance and electrical maintenance, etc.

  2. The normal operation of a production line requires about 6-8 people in one shift, that is, 1 monitor, 1 inspect, 1 watchman,    and  2 to 4 packers. Sulfur chemical does not need shift work, sulfur chemical requires 2-3 people

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