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Hydraulic Presses

5 Hydraulic Press Accessories You Should Be Using

Hydraulic presses are great pieces of machinery just as they are, however, your application may require some different options. 

Dake has the ability to customize your press with many different options depending on what you need.

Below are 5 options we think you should be using if you aren't already. 

1. Upgraded Gauges 

Upgrading your gauge might be worth the extra cost. Max pressure gauges are helpful when you need to determine the maximum pressure it took to accomplish the task.

This gauge has a secondary needle that will read the max. pressure it took to perform a task and then save that pressure mark for replication.

There are also gauges available that can read in PSI, bar or tonnage. Even though all Dake presses come with a standard gauge, there are many different upgrades that are worth the extra expense depending on your needs.     


2. Nose pieces

 All Dake presses come with a standard nose piece for basic applications. However, there are many different types of nose pieces that can expand the abilities of your press. 

The V-nose piece is designed for applications that require pressing a round part. It is also great for straightening as it keeps the part from wanting to move, as it could with a flat nose piece, with a minimum contact area. (V-nose pieces are standard on some models)

Another type of nose piece that is available for certain hydraulic press models is the flange nose piece. This nose piece is great for attaching fixtures or dies.


3. Tables 

Dake has made all different types of tables for certain models of our hydraulic presses. A non-standard table has opened up the doors for some really cool pressing applications.

Some examples of custom tables we have made are; open front tables, solid bolster plate versions, bolster plate with bored holes, and bolster plates with t-slots. All bolster plates can be machine ground for a clean, smooth surface.

 If you really want to go the extra mile, the Dake PMM movable frame press line offers lift pins to make unloading and loading large parts safer and easier.


4. Modified Daylight or Extra Width

Are standard press options not the right size for your application? We can help! We can often help fit the bill with modified daylight and/or width between uprights allowing for larger pieces of metal to fit in the press.

 Side cut out holes can also be fabricated into the side of the up-rights for pass through applications.


5. Traversing Head 

Many Dake presses come with at traversing head, but there are a few models with a fixed workhead. If you need the workhead to traverse left to right and the model is normally fixed let us know and we can help.

A traversing head makes pressing larger pieces of metal easier by offering side to side pressing capabilities. 


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