In the process of designing and presenting a multipart appartus I need to show the overall unit then parts of the unit as they relate to it’s function. I thought I could do this by way of scenes, but once I play “scenes” all of the hidden parts appear and it never remembers the view I want to show (close up or rotated to another angle)

Use tags to control the visibility of the objects (components/groups). If you need to show an object in different positions, amke copies of it in the different positions. Give each copy a different tag and then select the appropriate tag for each scene.

Here’s an old example I did. The screen shot shows just three tags made visible but you can see how the piston, slide valve and crank are in different positions.

The resulting animation from exporting all the scenes.

Click on the picture.

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Sounds like you’re using a different build than me. I’m using 2018. I don’t see tags as something I can bring up in the tray

Your profile says you are using 2019. You should fix that.

Then look at Layers. Same idea, different name.

They were changed to Tags with SU2019.

TEST SHAPES.skp (134.3 KB)

I’ve been trying to do that with layers and scenes but to no avail. Here’s a test file I’d like to show as an iso, then side and top and do the same with its other three shapes, remember: I’m just a throw rug try to use a program named Sketchup!

So here I’ve made three copies of each of the smaller shapes. I’ve created three tags (layers in 2018 or earlier). I’m using Color by Tag/Layer to show how they the tags/layers are assigned to different copies.

Then scene 1 looks like this:

Scene 2:

and Scene 3:

And the SketchUp file. Just don’t shove it under the rug.
TEST SHAPES with scenes.skp (152.0 KB)

At first glance it seems to be the same as I did. My problem was when I turned of the default layer which was the original scene then set up all the other scenes by way of layers and ran the animation, the other parts often showed up in some of the scenes I didn’t want them in. I’m going to make this tonight’s study and get back to you. Say 3/4 the way through this bottle of Vodka maybe. Much Luv

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Note that Layer 0 is always to be left active and is always visible. It’s only the additional layers that will have their visibility changed for the scenes.

Also note that ALL geometry is to be created with Layer 0 active. ALL geometry keeps the Layer 0 assignment. Only the components/groups get the layers assigned to them.

Good luck with that bottle.

Alright I just read something in what you’ve said that may be my mistake.

Thank god it’s not the vodka!

I’ll know better after I try it more. I was hiding things in outliner and making copies of things I should not have. All this before the Vodka. Made some progress and will redress it all tomorrow. If successful I’ll owe you a rocket. I need to find a 7 story box before I can send it though.