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20000 Gallon Galvanized Steel Water Tank

fire protection water tank, rain harvesting water tank, stormwater management tank, potable water tank
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Part# MPN: 1803-WT-CHR / Store ID: X1654367
Dimensions 18' Diameter x 16'1" Height
Liquid Access Customized to Project Needs
Weight / Ship Class lbs. / Ship Class No
Ships From TX
Drawing Corgal 1803 Drawing
Corgal 1803 Specifications
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Galvanized steel water tanks promote water conservation, can be built on difficult to access sites, can be disassembled, can be relocated, are suitable for active / passive fire protection systems, can reduce well pump strain, can increase property value and are capable of lasting a lifetime.

Available Options for Steel Water Tanks

Our galvanized steel water tanks feature various customization options or add on accessories. They can be installed in various colors from green, black, white, beige, gray and others to match their surroundings. Tanks can be made with different side wall types including annular, steel cladding, patina, wood, decorative facia and masonry type exteriors. Tank walls can accept signage for the installation of company logos, branding statements or decals. Available steel water tank accessories include rainwater gutter systems that use the tank roof to capture rainwater; an external water level indicator; OSHA compliant side ladder, roof ladder and roof safety rings; 20” to 30” lockable hinged tank roof manway openings. Tank towers are also available to provide water tank elevation and come in wood, steel or in combination with round, square or octagonal platforms with straight or slanted leg styles.

Six Main Applications and More

Galvanized steel water tanks are ideal for many applications where a repeat source of reliable water is necessary. Their most common uses are in rainwater harvesting, fire protection, stormwater management, irrigation, agriculture, and potable water sourcing. For rainwater harvesting (RWH), steel water tanks offer the largest volume collection tanks on the market. In fire protection, they frequently service rural precincts, farms or small towns with only a small, maybe volunteer type fire department. For stormwater management, these tanks can help prevent damage or hazards from insufficient infrastructure and help gain control of weather effects over large land ownership cases.

In irrigation uses, our steel tanks serve as welcome alternatives to long draws on well supplies and pumps or from reliance on municipal supply. For agriculture, they help offset dry seasons, unexpected droughts and provide water during growing seasons. In potable water provision, the tanks deliver clean, lasting and certified materials suited for years of drinking water service to businesses, industries, healthcare, educational facilities, storefronts, farms and residences.

Our steel water tanks are also often and suitably used as thermal storage and water cooling tanks as well as brewery and winery tanks.

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Additional Information

Store ID X1654367
Manufacturer Info
Product Part # 1803-WT-CHR
Manufacturer Cor Gal Water Storage Tanks
Manufacturer Warranty 30 Year Warranty
Technical Drawing Corgal 1803 Drawing
Corgal 1803 Specifications
Documents Introduction to Corgal Tanks
Introduction to Corgal Tanks for Architects
Introduction to Corgal Tanks for Fire Protection Professionals
Size Info
Capacity (Gallons) 20000
Dimensions 18' Diameter x 16'1" Height
Liquid Accessibility
Liquid Access Customized to Project Needs
Physical Features
Product Type Vertical Water Tank
Tank Shape Cylindrical
Tank Usability Stationary
Environment Above Ground
Shipping Info
Shipping Locations Texas