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110mm Drainage Pipes & Fittings

Our 110mm Underground Drainage Pipes and Fittings are manufactured in the UK and fully tested and Kitemarked and approved for use in the UK. We have chosen these fittings because they offer superb performance while they remain available to you at an excellent low price. Free shipping included on all orders above £120/ex VAT

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Additional Information on 110mm Drainage Pipes:

EasyMerchant's 110mm underground drainage is ideally suited for private home drainage. 320mm and 450mm inspection chambers are available for access to any blockages or general maintenance.

EasyMerchant's underground plastic drainage pipe is for use with sewerage systems for gravity-based wastewater underground drainage. It's made from PVC for high strength and is lightweight for easy installation.

How Is It Supplied?

They're supplied are stored in bales, bound within timber frame components while the accompanying fittings are supplied in boxes and should be stored away from direct sunlight.

EasyMerchant supply our sticks with a socket included, instead of plain ended to make installation easier.

How Is It Made?

Plastic drainage fittings are made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U). Inspection chambers and gully grids are made from polypropylene. All lengths and fittings are manufactured in brown unless otherwise stated.

What Fittings are Included?

Fittings include double socket and single socket bends, triple socket and double socket junctions from 15 - 87.5 degrees, double socket couplers, bottle gully, rest bends, and everything else needed to supply a complete system.

How Does It Work?

The system provides an efficient way of eliminating wastewater and foul water discharge from over ground drainage. The underground drainage pipe range includes many different bends, couplings, gullies, traps, and inspection chambers.

It is manufactured in PVC-U to deliver a durable and robust solution, that's simple and lightweight. It is suitable for waste collection as well as dirty, foul water and raw sewage.

Can It Be Used for Above Ground Level Purposes?

It should not be used for above ground level purposes as it does not include any UV stabiliser (a costly additive to PVC) and therefore it can quickly fade in sunlight.

What About Installation?

How it's installed, as well as the bedding that is used is as important as the products may be more prone to leakage if not set up to the specification or to tree root ingress and deformity.

Here at EasyMerchant we highly advise you pick up a sewer system that is Kitemarked and made to BS EN 1401 Standards.


What exactly is damp proofing?

Damp proofing is a general term that includes treatments and methods used to avoid damp from being absorbed through floors or walls into the interior of a property.

Do you have an anti modern slavery policy?

Slavery didn't end in the 19th century. Rather, it changed its forms and continues to harm people worldwide. At EasyMerchant, we're dedicated to acting ethically and honestly in all our business relations. We ensure that there is no modern slavery in any part of our business or our supply chains.

What tools do I need for DIY a drainage installation?

If you are planning a new DIY plumbing project in your home, chances are you'll need these plumbing tools and fixings:


Having the right basic plumber hand tools (shovel, spade, etc.), power tools (drills & fixing screws, etc.), air tools (compressed air water pump, pressure gun, etc.) is a must for any job


If you need to purchase affordable underground drainage pipes and products. EasyMerchant Ltd supplies a huge range to the UK construction and DIY market:

  • Socket bend and double socket bend
  • Galvanised steel, stainless steel, UPVC or cast iron soil products
  • Bends
  • Socket 110mm
  • Adhesives Sealants
  • Single socket bend
  • Chamber lids & frames

The site navigation across the top of the screen allows you to search and view all items. Just call if there's something you need and you can't find it listed.

Am I safe to use my credit card when ordering online?

Yes. EasyMerchant uses a well-known, secure system for online ordering that is used worldwide. We'll never share your details with any outside agency. You can also use PayPal to pay for your order.

Why Choose EasyMerchant?

  • Experience

We provide our client with expert knowledge gained through over 40 years of experience.

  • Best Products

Our products are fully tested and suitable for use with any other Kitemarked product of the same standard.

  • Reasonably Priced Products

We use our purchasing power and industry connections to purchase products in bulk and that's how we're able to keep our prices low. In our view these are the best products available at this sort of price range.

  • Trustworthy

Your order will be delivered to your property or building site on time and in excellent condition ready to perform the job at hand.

  • First-rate Service

We value all our clients and do our best to ensure they are content.

  • Great Buyer Experience

All EasyMerchant's staff are friendly, well trained, and committed to rendering comprehensive, responsive customer services willing to sort any problem out.

  • Massive Product Range

EasyMerchant can provide a massive range of quality systems and services that exceed the needs of all their clients.

  • Top Business Networking

We are in business with some of the leading manufacturers like Polypipe, Kalsi Plastics, Brett Martin, Floplast, Pipelife and many more.

Your Order Is Waiting!

EasyMerchant's range of underground drainage fittings are the best bang for buck on the market. The price is low, but the quality is high. It's British made and tested to standards and approved for use!

Free delivery is available for all orders above £120/ex VAT. Please go ahead and create an account when placing your order. Call us if you need any help or have any questions.